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The Women’s History Coalition (The Coalition) was founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1986 by a group of women in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The primary purpose is to coordinate and promote Women's History Month, which is nationally celebrated each March. The Coalition has a multi-ethnic Board of Directors elected by its membership annually and all programs are accomplished by volunteers who have a common interest in preserving the history and contributions of women in South Florida. Members, community contributions and grants from the county and many community agencies support activities.


National Women’s History Project


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Miami-Dade County Commission
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Florida Commission on the
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Miami Commission on the Status of Women


Women’s Park of Miami-Dade County


Florida Women’s Hall of Fame      www.fcsw.net/WHOFmembers.htm

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Each year on March 1st, at noon, the Women's History Coalition gathers at the beautiful grave site of Julia Tuttle, the mother of Miami to celebrate the opening of Women's History Month. It is held at the City of Miami Cemetery, 1800 NE 2nd Avenue. The public is invited, as well as local dignitaries will be present to hear a brief overview of Julia's impact on Miami, the first major city founded by a woman. Following the ceremony, "tailgate refreshments" are provided by the Women's History Coalition. This event is the host event to launch Women's History Month.


Each year, in celebration of Women’s History Month and the spirit of leadership provided by women, the Women’s History Coalition of Miami-Dade County, Inc. sponsors an annual award entitled, WOMEN OF IMPACT.  Through a nomination process, six women are recognized at a ceremony and awarded the prestigious JULIA AWARD named in honor of the “founding mother of Miami,” Julia Tuttle.


Women of Impact

Aguila*, Lourdes P.    1990
Albizu-Rodriguez, Teresa   2002
Amos, Betty 2011
Anderson*, Marie     1994
Angones, Georgina A.  2010
Arsht, Adrienne   2006
Askowitz, Bonnie Dubbin  2002
Ayers*, Georgia Jones  1992
Baez, Daisy J. 2016
Bague’, Irela   2009
Bainbridge, Gayle A. 2016
Balbin, Maribel 2012
Balfe*, Roberta Rymer   1994
Ballard*, Mary Ann  1993
Balmaseda, Liz   1998
Barkett, Rosemary  2007
Baro*, Alicia 1989
Bastien, Marleine  2000
Beare, Nikki  1992
Beber*, Joyce 1989
Bell, Trish 2011
Bellamy, Angela Robinson 1994
Bellamy*, Jeanne  1996
Bermont*, Ronni  1995
Berrin, Roslyn, K.  2001
Bestman, Evalina W.  1989
Betancourt, Annie  1994
Bishop*, Ann   1999
Blake, Priscilla Dames 2012
Blecke, Berta Batchelor   2002
Bloom, Elaine  1993
Bolton, Roxcy  1989
Braddock, Ruth   1998
Brewster, Annabel 2015
Brown, Linda Dunn   2001
Brown, Ophelia E.  1994
Bruce, M.D., Jocelyn H.   2009
Busch, Sherley 2013
Calderin, Carolina   1995
Carey, Barbara  1992
Cason, M.D., Louise   1994
Chaney, Dorothy  2010
Chastain*, Dixie Herlong  2002
Chovel, Elisa V.   2000
Clarke, Patricia   2010
Clyatt, Ann Marie Anderson  2008
Cooper, Leona Ferguson   1991
Croskey, Luvernice   2008
Culmer, Leome  1999
Curry, Cynthia W. 1999
Davis, Jacqueline M.  2007
Davis*, Mattie Belle  1991
Dawkins, Nancy Sidney  2004
Dawson, Julia 2009
Deutsch*, Rita  2006
Douglas*, Marjory Stoneman  1989
Dove, Nettie C.   1997
Drucker, Judy   1989
Ewell, Arcie  2005
Farr, Myra  1996
Freeman, Gill S. 2015
Feinberg, Rosa Castro 1992
Ferguson, Betty  1995
Ferre, Helen Aguirre   2007
Fields, Dorothy Jenkins  1993
Finkelstein*, Audrey R.  1990
Forester, Jeanne 1998
Fornell, Milagros (Millie) R. 2013
Foster, Rosebud L.  2001
Fox*, Roberta Fulton 1996

Frazier, Regina 1990
Freidin, Ellen D.  1999
Galvez, Blanca   1990
Garcia, Lilia  2004
Garcia-Toledo, Luisa M. 1997
Gaynor, Frances Levey 2014
Gibson, Thelma Vernell 1992
Gilbert-Gould, Judy 2011
Goedert, Carolyn Nelson 2016
Gordon*, Elaine 1990
Grafton*, Martha P. 2004
Graham, Adele Khoury 2005
Grant, Jennifer Adger 2014
Greer, Evelyn Langlieb 2007
Herrera, Millie 2015
Hertz, Linda Collins   2010
Heyman, Sally  2008
Hicks, M.D., Dorothy  1989
Hines, Beatrice 1992
Hirsch-Meyer*, Polly Lux de 1992
Hoder-Salmon, Marilyn 1994
Holifield, Marilyn J.  1996
Hopton, Janice Powell 2012
Ibarra, Barbara Ann  1994
Johnson, Sharon Kendrick  2009
Jude, Sallye  1998
Kallos, M.D., Nilza  2001
Kaplan, Betsy 1995
Kaynor, Elizabeth H.   1996
Kennedy, Rosario  1996
Kipnis-Wilson, Norma   1992
Klein-Kassenoff, Miriam 2011
Kitchens, Claudia C.  2003
Koch, Francena J.  2003
Kogan, Irene Vulgan 2016
Kruse*, Ruth   1991
Krutulis*, Marian Kline  2005
Kurtz-White, Christine 1998
LaFrance, Merdochey Taylor 2014
Lambeth, Penny  2009
Langer, Sharon L. 2014
Launcelott*, Janet   1995
Lederman, Cindy 2003
Lee, Dorothy Powell  2006
Leight, Lynn E. 1996
Lerner, Cindy 2009
Levine, Daniella  2010
Levitan, Aida  1994
Liberty*, Eunice Watson 1997
Lighte*, Monna   1993
Lopez, Liliam M. 2014
Lucking, Michelle Dunaj 2013
MacIntyre, Frances “Dolly”  2008
Margolis, Gwen 1991
Margulies*, Toni   1998
Marx, Doreen   2008
Matkov, Rebecca Roper  2006
McAliley, Janet  1989
McCabe, Arva Moore Parks   1996
McCaffery, Margaret 2011
McGuire, Helen L.  2004
McNanamy, Eve  1993
Meek, Carrie 1989
Metallus, Gepsie M. 2003
Metcalf, Elizabeth   1992
Millan, Natacha Seijas  1996
Miller*, Phyllis  1998
Morgan*, Ivette Arteaga  1999               Morse*, Phoebe  1997
Muir*, Helen  1989

Newbold, Maud Pauline 1996
Nichols, Florene Litthcut 2014
Oesterle*, Clara   1991
Oters, Phillis 2014
O’Laughlin, OP, Jeanne  1989
Osman, Edith G.  2007
Pearlson, Marjorie Gloria 1997
Pearson, Linnea  2003
Perdue*, M.D., Jean Jones  1990
Phillips*, Beverly B.  1989
Pinkney, Enid Curtis   2000
Pope, Suzette  1994
Postell, Joyce M. 2016
Prado, Marivi  2000
Pratt*, Irene  1991
Price, Joyce 2011
Price, Anna Benjamin 2016
Randall, Susan L.    2004
Range*, M. Athalie  1989
Reno, Janet  1989
Rippingille, Bonnie  2000
Rivera, Susan Rubio 2012
Roberts, JoAnn 2015
Robinson, Linda M. 2014
Rolle, Frankie Shannon   2002
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana  1995
Ruben, Ann Moliver  2001
Rundle, Katherine Fernandez  1999
Saborido*, Belen  1997
Sandoval, Mercedes  1993
Santa Maria, Yvonne  2006
Sayfie, Nushin 2016
Shack, Ruth  1990
Shannon, Marian Harris  1995
Shawmut-Lessner, Shaloma  2005
Shea*, Evelyn  1997
Shirley, Rhoda Omega 2013
Shishko, Ellen  2007
Silva*, Verneka  1993
Silverstein, Elaine  1989
Simpson, M.D., Dazelle D.  1995
Slama, Margaret M. 2013
Sorenson, Katy  2000
Soria, Lucia 2015
Soto, M.D., Nilda I.   2004
Sugranes, Rosa  2003
Sullivan, Kay  1998
Tang, Venghan “Winnie”    2005
Thomas, Eugenia B.  1991
Torano, Maria Elena  1992
Trump, Stephanie 2012
Turner*, Molly   1991
Uguccioni, Ellen J.   2007
Unzueta, Silvia   1993
Usherenko, Victoria 2010
Valoppi, Jennifer  2008
Velazquez, Nilsa  2001
Venegas, Norah  2005
Vickers, Rosetta J.  2004
Volker, Marilyn K.   2002
Wallace, Dorothy M. 2013
Wainwright*, Alice   1989
Welters, Gwendolyn Heastie   2006
West*, Shirley Merlin   2004
Williamson, Carol F. 2013
Woodson, Marie Paule 2012
Yates, Leonora 2015
Young, Mary M.   2007
Zubizarreta*, Teresa A.   1991




Julia Tuttle Memorial Service

The Women’s History Coalition of Miami-Dade County, Inc., annually commemorates the life and accomplishments of Julia Tuttle on March 1st at her gravesite at the Miami City Cemetery. As one of the few American cities to be founded by a woman, Miami celebrates the life of “Julia” to kick off Women’s History Month every March 1st. Julia Tuttle once owned 600 acres of what is now downtown Miami and was instrumental in convincing Henry Flagler to bring the railroad to town! She gave Mr. Flagler half her land as an incentive, but reserved every other lot for herself. She was a smart lady!


Julia Tuttle Usher of Deland, left, granddaughter of Miami’s founder, Julia Tuttle, made a surprise appearance in Miami on Sunday, March 1 to join a tour conducted by Dr. Paul George for the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, celebrating the life of the woman who once owned 600 acres of what is now downtown Miami and was instrumental in convincing Henry Flagler to bring the railroad to town.  The tour group visited the Miami City Cemetery where Tuttle is buried and joined in a commemorative graveside service held by the Women’s History Coalition to kick off Women’s History Month.  Pictured with Mrs. Usher is Penny Lambeth, who presented a living vignette of Julia’s life.  Ms. Lambeth will be recognized by the Women’s History Coalition as a Woman of Impact on March 12 at a dinner at UM’s Convocation Center.  More information about the dinner and Women’s History Month can be found at www.communitylink.gobpi.com/groups/womenshistory.

Women's History Coalition of Miami-Dade County, Inc. Copyright 2015.